5:33 pm

Your February $10K Monthly Championship Final Table Seat and Chip Counts

With 7:30 left on the clock with the blinds at 15000/30000, we have reached the Final Table. Seat 1 Cindy Pacheco 440,000 Seat 2 Stan Harding 688,00 Seat 3 Lance Stevens 502,000 Seat 4 Linda Mullen 275,000 Seat 5 Yongbok Hwang 280,000 Seat 6 Glenda Recci 125,000 Seat 7 Joe Croce 116,000 Seat 8 Alex […]


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4:13 pm

Play Has Slowed Down

Level 15 – 8000/16000 Players Registered: 198 Players Remaining: 25 Unlike other Monthly tournaments, play has slow down considerably. We have 25 remaining and right now the short stacks are looking to double up at the right time. A few notes: BPO runner up Manny Avila is still in. Charlene Cruz is looking to make […]


2:45 pm

Shankman Makes a Tough Decision….and Wins Knocking Out One

Level 12 – 3000/6000 Players Registered: 198 Players Remaining: 54 Framingham player Dave Shankman had a tough decision to make. Sitting in the small blind, he faced one all-in (pre-flop for 24K) and 2 other players behind him. Flop is 7♠ 7♦ J♠. Shankman checks, “Highjack” player now moves all-in for 40k. Button mucks. Shankman […]


2:22 pm

Charlene Cruz Rivers a Straight and a Flush Knocking out Two Players

Level 11 – 2000/4000 Players Registered: 198 Players Remaining: 75 Lowell players Charlene Cruz is looking to last to make the top 8 in order to get a “Double Stack” for the upcoming 30K Finals. Sitting on the button with Q♣ 10♣ with two all-ins in front of her, the board read A♣ 2♣ Q♠ […]