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Ceresi Cup is Underway!!

Ceresi Cup Season 23

Ceresi Cup
Season 23

Our top players from each region have all sat down to play for their share of $1,600 and the most coveted prize, the $36K Wildcard Spot!

Seat 2 – Mike Delfino, Points Leader, Southern Mass

Seat 3 – Elvis Reyes, Points Leader, Rhode Island

Seat 4 – Paulo Andrade, Points Leader, South Coast

Seat 5 – Sandra Costa, Points Leader, Charity Events

Seat 6 – Anthony Smith, Points Leader, Greater Lowell

Seat 7 – Bert Driscer, Points Leader, Framingham

Seat 8 – David Coyle, Points Leader, North Shore

Seat 9 – Scott O’Neil, Points Leader, Central MA

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