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Jim Gardner is Eastern Poker Tour’s November $10,000 Monthly Champion

Today the Eastern Poker Tour crowned a new Monthly Champion. His name is Jim Gardner.

Gardner, who plays in the Central Mass. Region, felt confident going into the Final Table. Coming to the Final Table, Jim was 5th in chips. “My first goal was to make the Top 8” said Gardner. The Top 8 he is referring to is the seat into the Season 28 30K Finals.

Jim is no stranger to Final Tables or winning. He has won over 110 times in Eastern Poker Tour Events and placed 7th in the National Bar Poker Open last year in Las Vegas. Today’s win is number 111.

Besides eliminating Glenn Westgate, he only knocked out one other person (Joe Harold).

Special congratulations go to Susan D’Amato and Brad Cormier. These 2 players have earned a “Double Stack” for the Season 28 30K Finals with their 5th and 4th Place finishes respectfully.

Today’s event had 204 players.

Here are the results from the event:

1st Jim Gardner $2,500.00
2nd Glenn Westgate $1,650.00
3rd Billy “The Milk Shake” Acerra $1,200.00
4th Brad Cormier $800.00
5th Susan D’Amato $600.00
6th Sylvia Smith $500.00
7th Bob Young $450.00
8th Joe Harold $400.00
9th Karina Angelopolus $350.00
10th Danny Angelopolus $250.00
11th Nada Smith $250.00
12th Alex Roukas $250.00
13th Joel Wald $200.00
14th Chris Caruso $200.00
15th John Germano $200.00
16th Ted Mourousas $200.00


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