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Karina Angelopolus Wins the Eastern Poker Tour December $10,000 Monthly Championship

Southern Mass Regional player Karina Angelopolus has won her 25th Eastern Poker Tour event by winning the $10,000 Monthly Championship.

This is her 2nd consecutive Final Table. Last month’s she ended up in 9th place, just shy of getting a ticket into 30K Finals in the Spring. She didn’t enjoy because she was less than a Big Blind to really enjoy it.

This time, she reached her goal.

Karina was 7th in chips coming to the Final Table and was just waiting for the right time to strike.

And for a time she did.

She took Manny Avila for 2 big size pots that cost him the chip leader position. Then it was Manny’s turn to dominate Karina. When it got to the heads’-up portion with Angelopolus and Avila. It was simply back and forth…..back and forth with the chips. At the 50,000/100,000 Level, the play loosened up quick.



Karina’s husband, Danny was by her side when she made the Final Table and never left her side.



Below are the complete results from today’s tournament:

Players Registered: 197

1st Karina Angelopolus $2,500.00
2nd Manny Avila $1,650.00
3rd Glenda Ricci $1,200.00
4th Gerry St. Amand $800.00
5th Eric Wilbur $600.00
6th Suzanne Mercier $500.00
7th Ed Mortiz $450.00
8th Rod Campopiano $400.00
9th Linda Mullen $350.00
10th Joe Croce $250.00
11th Glenn Resch $250.00
12th Andy Giatas $250.00
13th Steve Currie $200.00
14th John Varela $200.00
15th Andre Cochran $200.00
16th Leonard Mederios $200.00
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