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Radanes Lopez From South Coast Region Wins Eastern Poker Tour’s January $10,000 Monthly Championship

Radanes Lopez earned Eastern Poker Tour win number 76 by outlasting 201 players in today’s Eastern Poker Tour $10,000 Monthly Championship. He earned $2500 for his play today.

Heading into the Final Table, Mr. Lopez was second in chips and held onto those chips for the entire table. He defeated Lori Conniff in an epic heads-up battle. Lori had knocked out over half of the table but it was Radanes who ended up at the top in the end.

“I told my wife that I was playing today and I was going to win” said a very proud Lopez.

When asked if this was his biggest win he said, “No, I’ve won a lot more in my home country of Puerto Rico”

A few notes about this Final Table. Bar Poker Open winner John Beady finished 5th. We also awarded 2 “Double Stacks’ for the 30K Finals. Sue Mercier and Don Kirkness punched their “Double Stack” ticket with a 6th and 4th place respectfully. This was Sue’s 2nd consecutive 6th place finish.


Here are the results for today’s event:

Players: 201

1st Radames Lopez $2,500.00
2nd Lori Conniff $1,650.00
3rd Bill Haley $1,200.00
4th Don Kirkness $800.00
5th John Beady $600.00
6th Sue Mericer $500.00
7th Linda Rodrigues $450.00
8th Chuck McCaughey $400.00
9th Ted Mourousas $350.00
10th Bob Colangelo $250.00
11th Freddy Freeman $250.00
12th Nancy St. Laurent $250.00
13th Michael Rodrigues $200.00
14th Kurt Heitmann $200.00
15th Cathy Murphy $200.00
16th Andre Cochran $200.00



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  • Geoffrey Harm

    Technically he outlasted 200 other players…