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Shankman Makes a Tough Decision….and Wins Knocking Out One

Level 12 – 3000/6000

Players Registered: 198

Players Remaining: 54

Framingham player Dave Shankman had a tough decision to make.

Sitting in the small blind, he faced one all-in (pre-flop for 24K) and 2 other players behind him.

Flop is 7♠ 7♦ J♠. Shankman checks, “Highjack” player now moves all-in for 40k. Button mucks. Shankman now tanks for about 2 minutes. He knows that if he calls and is wrong, his stack will be extremely low. He makes the call and shows Q♠ Q♥ and takes a breath seeing that no one had kings/aces or even a seven. They hold and knocks out one.

Shankman is currently at 210,000

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