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Stanley Harding Wins the February $10K Monthly Championship

Stanley Harding has won his 11th Eastern Poker Tour event by winning the February $10,000 Monthly Championship.

Mr. Harding plays out of the Charity Region and was a force to be reckoned with. Heading into to Final Table, he was 2nd in chips to second place finisher Alex Roukas. Harding knocked out 5 players and really put the screws to the players that were facing a tough decision.

On two interesting side notes about this Final Table, BPO (Bar Poker Open) runner-up Manny Avila made his 2nd Final Table in 3 months. At one time, Avila was down to his last 12,000 in chips and went on winning streak to bring his stack back up to over 500,000 before being eliminated in 4th.

Also Glenda Ricci (RI) made her 2nd Final Table in 3 months as well.


The Top 8 from today’s event have earned a seat into the 30K Finals coming up on April 21st and 22nd.

Our next and last Monthly for Season 28 will be held on April 14th here at the VFW in Walpole, MA.

Players: 198

1st Stanley Harding $2,500.00
2nd Alex Roukas $1,650.00
3rd Lance Stevens $1,200.00
4th Manny Avila $800.00
5th Cindy Pacheco $600.00
6th Youngbok Hwang $500.00
7th Richard Nawoichik $450.00
8th Linda Mullen $400.00
9th Joe Croce $350.00
10th Glenda Recci $250.00
11th Mike Badolato $250.00
12th Charlene Cruz $250.00
13th Jesse Lacefield $200.00
14th Jordan Fishman $200.00
15th Scott Dell’Arciprete $200.00
16th Michael Rodigues $200.00
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  • rita

    congratulation Stan