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Manny Avila is the Eastern Poker Tour Season 28 Champion

After a long 14 hour marathon tournament, Manny Avila from Medway, Mass. who plays in the Charity Region, outlasted 102 players to win the Eastern Poker Tour Season 28 – 30K Finals.

Manny started the day with a double stack of 200,000 and chipped up progressively all throughout the day. Not once did he fall below the chip average. ”

Coming to this Final Table, Avila was 4th in chips with 1.3 million. When asked if he was concerned about anyone his reply was “The only person I didn’t know well was the young kid Jake (Dennis) and was concerned (on how he plays).” Manny only knocked out 2 players, including Bo Majkut who finished 2nd. “Every one at this Final Table was tough and I respected their play”.

Today’s win marks win number 34 in the Eastern Poker Tour books.

Below is a photo of the last hand when the blinds were 200000/400000/50000




Manny would like to thank his wife and family for all of their support while they were watching the live stream on Facebook.

When asked about if he would take the First place money or the WSOP package, “I think I will take the money and try to satellite my way into the WSOP.

Below are the results from today:

Players: 102

1st Manny Avila CHA $10,000.00
2nd Bo Majkut CMA $5,500.00
3rd John Germano RI $3,000.00
4th Nancy St. Laurent RI $2,000.00
5th Jake Dennis RI $1,800.00
6th Sanda Drum CHA $1,500.00
7th Kevin Marden CHA $1,200.00
8th John Foley SMA $1,000.00
9th Mark Garant S. Coast $800.00
10th Sue Mercier LWLL $600.00
11th Basil Congro CHA $500.00
12th Joshua Lorman LWLL $500.00
13th John Beady SMA $400.00
14th Ed Mortiz S. Coast $400.00
15th Charlene Cruz LWLL $400.00
16th Bob Young RI $400.00


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