1:37 pm

What the Nine????


Level 7 – 1000/2000

Players Registered: N/A

Players Remaining: N/A

Just as we end Level 7, Jamie Peterson goes all-in a few chips in front of her. Jim Lemire (FRAM) moved all-in with his last 9100 in the cut-off. Sitting in the Big Blind was Jeff Weinberg (SMA) and he called having a healthy stack. Jamie Peterson and Jim were at risk if Jeff wins the pot.

Jamie -A♣ K♦

Jeff – 6♣ 6♦

Jim – 9♥ 9♠

Flop – Q♥ Q♦ 6♥.

Jeff has a commanding lead after the flop. Jaime’s only has 2 outs with both Aces in play. Jim is still alive if only one of his two nines hit.

Turn – 5♣

River -9♦

Giving the hand to Lemire and knocking out Peterson. Lemire now has a little under 30k


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