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Kenneth Horbert Jr. Wins the May $10K Monthly Championship

Congratulations goes out to Kenneth Hobert Jr. from Cranston, RI for winning the Eastern Poker Tour Season 29 May $10,000 Monthly Championship.

Hobert Jr. had to battle 193 other players today.

The 22 year old man has been playing Eastern Poker Tour for 2 years. He enjoys PJ’s and The Islander as his best venues to play.

When we started the Final Table, he led the field with 960,000. You figured that he would have man handled the table. He didn’t. He left that up to Fleazer Doza (who knocked out 4 players). During heads-up, the chips were going back and forth…hand after hand.

After about 15 minutes of heads-up play here was the final hand:

Hobert – 10♥ 10♦

Doza – Q♣ 9♦

Board – 5♥ 5♠ 6♠ 8♣ 3♠

This is Hobert Jr’s biggest win and he plans on some sort of a birthday trip.


On a side note about this Final Table, we now have TWO DOUBLE STACKS already for the 30K Finals. Johnny Kelly and Stephen Lofgren who came in 2nd and 5th respectfully last month, can now coast the remaining of the Season. Congratulations and good luck!

Below are the results from today’s action.

Players: 194


1st Kenneth Hobert Jr. $2,500.00
2nd Fleaszer Doza $1,650.00
3rd Chris Weissman Lafrance $1,200.00
4th Stephen Lofgren $800.00
5th Johnny Kelly $600.00
6th Nancy St. Laurent $500.00
7th Ronnie Smith $450.00
8th Kurt Heitman $400.00
9th Sue DeAmato $350.00
10th Stephen Saporetti $250.00
11th Andre Cochran $250.00
12th Elvis Reyes $250.00
13th Marc Mariano $200.00
14th Joseph Croce $200.00
15th Jesse Guimont $200.00
16th Wil Porter $200.00
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