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Len Levy From CMA wins $2500 in the June $10K Monthly Championship

On what was a beautiful sunny summer day, 185 players came to the VFW in Walpole for a chance at winning a piece of the $10,000 prizepool.

Winning today’s event was Len Levy from the Central Mass Region. He resides in Framingham, MA. This was career win number 46. He only won 1 tournament back in June (6.1.18) at Liz Diamond to qualify for Saturday.

When the Final Table started, he was the chip leader with 725,000 and never really looked back. One by one he picked off players like ducks in a pond. With the exception of 2 people fell to Levy’s play. The hand of the day on the Final Table happened when Levy and Earl Bower (the two biggest stacks at the time) raised and re-raised preflop and by that time, there was almost 1.9 Million in the pot. Bower showed A♦ Q♥ and Levy had K♣ 10♦. The board was nothing higher than a 5 until the K♥ sealed Bower’s fate for 7th place.

When heads up play started, with 24 minutes left on the clock and the blinds at 60000/120000, Emanuel Teixeira only had 600,000 while Levy had the rest. See the photo below.


On the final hand at that level, Teixeira held A♣ 9♥ while Levy had Q♣ J♦. The board ran out as Q♠ 10♥ 8♠ 7♦ 3♦ to give Levy the hand with top pair and the victory. Mr. Levy so was happy that he had won, he forgot to give an interview after receiving his $2500.

Remember the Top 8 from tonight received a seat into the Season 29 $30K Finals coming up in the Spring of 2019.

Below are the results:

Players: 185

1st Len Levy CMA $2,500.00
2nd Emanuel Teixeira SMA $1,650.00
3rd George Smith CHA $1,200.00
4th Bryant Taylor CHA $800.00
5th Josh Anderson RI $600.00
6th Phl Castelli RI $500.00
7th Earl Bower FRAM $450.00
8th Michael Brisstte RI $400.00
9th Ronnie Smith CMA $350.00
10th Paul Giroux FRAM $250.00
11th Jim Peterson  CHA $250.00
12th Tom Amato S. Coast $250.00
13th Rick Stickles LWLL $200.00
14th James Powers RI $200.00
15th Carole Smith CMA $200.00
16th Ron Ballard S. Coast $200.00
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