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Bob Glaser from Salem, NH Wins the Eastern Poker Tour July $10,000 Monthly Championship

Rocky vs Mr. T…David vs Golliath….Red Sox vs Yankees. Well, maybe not the last one but this Final Table had a very EPIC finish.

On what was a very overcast/rainy day here at the Norwood Elks in Norwood, MA., the Eastern Poker Tour conducted it’s 4th Monthly Championship for Season 29. A record 222 players came, probably because of the bad weather.

Bob Glaser, who was tied for 6th in chips heading into this Final Table, walked away with the first place prize of $2500 after defeating a very strong solid player in Bob Steigman. Steigman had knocked out 3 players on this Final Table and when Heads-Up play started, he had over 3 million in chips to Glasers 1.5 million.

It was battle back and forth, and then Glaser caught a break, When the blinds were 100k/200k, Glaser had pocket Kings vs Steigman’s Queen/eight offsuit. The flop went 9/10/ J to give Steigman a straight and Glaser had just a few outs. A QUEEN comes on the turn to give Glaser a “King” high straight to beat Steigman’s “Queen” High straight. A couple of hands later, Glaser had K♦ 10♣ to Steigman’s 5♣ J♣. A Ten comes and only give Steigman only 90k left.





The final hand of the evening:

Glaser – 5♥ 6♥

Stiegman – Q♦ 4♥

The board showed the flop of K♣ 7♣ 4♦ (Stiegman in the lead with a pair fours)

Turn – 3♠ (Glaser now has a 7-high straight and Stiegman has no outs to improve)

Stiegman showed no mercy at all during his play and shook Glaser’s hand and said “Good Game”.

Glaser plays 2-3 days a week in the Greater Lowell region. “I play for the fun of it.”

Glenn and Gretel would once again like to thank all the 222 players that came out to play today. Today is a Season 29 record.

Players: 222


1st Bob Glaser $2,500.00
2nd Robert Steigman $1,650.00
3rd Wallace Streletsky $1,200.00
4th Richard Orszulak $800.00
5th Louis Barbosa $600.00
6th Chris Thomas $500.00
7th Gus Scalia $450.00
8th Marie Johnson $400.00
9th Lew Townson $350.00
10th Jeff Potter $250.00
11th Steve Oldham $250.00
12th Ric Santuri $250.00
13th Phil Leahy $200.00
14th Elvis Reyes $200.00
15th Thomas Walsh $200.00
16th Rustan Marfil $200.00



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