5:08 pm

Ron Miller is Our Bubble …Everyone is Now in the Money

Blinds: 15000/30000

Players Remaining: 16

In what was a very interesting hand, Joe Colton raises to 50k in middle position. Ron Miller, in the high-jack position goes all-in for 272k. Chun Destromp, on the button, announces SHE’s all-in. Colton folds.

Ron showed A♠ J♣ and Chun shows K♣ K♠.

Flop goes 3 spades giving Miller a higher flush draw. A K♥ comes on the turn helping Chun improve her outs. No spade on the river gives Chun the  chips, the chip lead and knocks out Miller in 17th place.

All players are now guaranteed $200. Players will be taking a 10 minute break in 10 minutes.

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