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Yongbok Hwang Wins the “Player’s Championship” of the Team Poker Challenge

On a chilly November day at the German Club in Walpole, MA. 67 teams (281 players)  came here today to play for two different prize pools totaling $21,060.

After almost 11 hours of play, Younbok Hwang won the “Players” portion by winning $3400. He is a member of the “Stranger Kings” which his team also came in 2nd place in the “Team” portion. Heading into this Final Table, Yongbok was 2nd in chips to Melissa Hunt (Purple Poker People).

“I wanted to reserve my bluffs later on in the event” said Hwang. Once is got to four-handed he put his bluffs into high gear. “I bluffed at least 10 times once we got to 4 handed” Yongbok said.

When it got to heads up with Jim Quinn (Max Power), Hwang was a 4-1 chip lead and the chips flew left and right. Quinn survived a big hand when he rivered a straight against Hwang’s pocket queens. After that Quinn couldn’t regain his momentum.

Hwang’s¬†Stranger Kingss teammate Ed Hawarth stayed by his side the entire Final Table and never left his side.


Glenn, Gretel, Craig and the rest of the Eastern Poker Tour staff want to thank everyone for coming out today and making this tournament a success!

Here are the results from both Team and Players:

1st Yongbok Huang $3,400.00
2nd Jim Quinn $2,000.00
3rd Melissa Hunt $1,200.00
4th Scott Berberian $920.00
5th Al Gilbert $700.00
6th Ed Haworth $600.00
7th Kevin O’Donnell $500.00
8th John Newton $380.00
9th Nancy Gilman $260.00
10th Jen Baigorria $200.00
11th Eric Charette $160.00
12th Anthony Smith $160.00
13th Peter Almonti $160.00
14th Shane Tufts $160.00
15th Jay Lum $160.00
16th Rich Sanderson $140.00
17th Andrew D’Entremont $140.00
18th John Jennings $140.00
19th Susan D’Amato $140.00
20th Linda Swears $140.00
21st Andrea Heda $140.00
22nd Andre Pereira $140.00
23rd John Lordan $140.00
24th Paul Tankard $140.00
25th Jim White $140.00
26th Ryan O Connor $140.00
27th Scott Brown $140.00



Team Results:

Note: Purple Poker People (Linda Swears, Melissa Hunt, Andrea Heyda and Nancy Gilman) won a seat into the Season 29 30K Finals

1st Purple Poker People $3,600
2nd Stranger Kings $1,800
3rd Trips with an Ace Kicker $1,000
4th Beer O’Clock $760
5th Top Dogs $660
6th Quad Aces $600
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