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David Starr from the Lowell Region Wins the Eastern Poker Tour $10,000 December Monthly Championship

On a very cold New England Saturday, 199 players came to the VFW here in Walpole for their chance at a piece of the $10,000 prize pool.

Today’s winner is David Starr from the Lowell Region. For efforts, he takes home $2500.

Coming to the Final Table, David was 9th in chips and with the help from Ozzie Diaz who knocked out 4 players, David’s path was a bit easier for him. When asked about what his strategy was he simply replied “Patience, Patience, Patience”. And that’s what exactly happened.

With this win, Dave has now earned a “Double Stack” for the Season 29 $30K Finals coming in April. According to Dave, this $2500 payout is his BEST he has ever done.

Starr plays 4 days a week with Maximillians’ as his favorite venue to play.

Side Notes from the Final Table —

Three (3) players, Don Reed, Jon Fisher and Will Urnuch were playing in their first Monthly! Reed finished 5th and Fisher finished in 4th and Urnuch finished 3rd respectfully. Congrats to you Gentlemen!

Six (6) players were first timer’s on the Monthly Final Table

Glenn, Gretel, Craig and the rest of the Eastern Poker Tour Tournament Staff want to say thank you for everyone who came out today!

1st David Starr $2,500.00
2nd Ozzie Diaz $1,650.00
3rd Will Unruh $1,200.00
4th Jon Fisher $800.00
5th Don Reed $600.00
6th Freddy Freeman $500.00
7th Patrick Banyaniye $450.00
8th Dennis O’Hare $400.00
9th Carlton Lima $350.00
10th Robert Miller $250.00
11th Shaun Murphy $250.00
12th Ken Sarcione $250.00
13th Kurt Heitmann $200.00
14th Elvis Reyes $200.00
15th Achille Young $200.00
16th Ricky Devane $200.00


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