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North Shore Player Margaret Donlon Wins the First Monthly of Season 30!

On what was a beautiful sunny Saturday here at the VFW in Walpole, the Eastern Poker Tour held their first Monthly of Season 30.

187 players came out to battle for their shot a the $10,000 prize pool. We saw many regulars as well as many new faces for the Monthly.

Margaret Donlon has never played in a Monthly Championship and wouldn’t you know, she won on her first time here taking home $2500!

Donlon, who hails from Arlington, Ma. plays 2-4 times a week and loves playing at the Sons of Italy.

When Margaret came to the Final Table, she was 2nd in chips (Leah Medeiros was the chip leader). Although Donlon only knocked out one person (Medeiros), she was very patient when it came time to act. “I don’t have patience but Rich Johnson told me to “Be patient” and I was. Also Tony Cerino told me to “Show them what you got” so I give credit to them”. This was Margaret’s 3 Eastern Poker Tour win.

This Final Table was an epic battle. Everyone played very close to the chest and would not give up chips very easily. We did see David Starr (4th Place) show a monster bluff with an all-in with 3/6 off suit! The Final Table lasted almost 3 hours!

Happy to report that we saw 4 ladies make it to the Final Table and saw our first ever ladies heads-up under this new format. Leah Medeiros (RI) made this Final Table after being down to 6000 in chips just before “Lunch” and had won 10 consecutive hands after lunch to increase her stack and managed to cruise from here. She also had vindication when she knocked out Manny Avila after he eliminated her in a big hand at Foxwoods during the 30K Finals.

Players: 187

1st Margaret Donlon $2,500.00
2nd Leah Medeiros $1,650.00
3rd Andy Giatas $1,200.00
4th David Starr $800.00
5th Judy Pitasi $600.00
6th Manny Avila $500.00
7th Derrick Swiader $450.00
8th Don Lech $400.00
9th Janet Lamothe $350.00
10th Danny Angelopolus $250.00
11th Gary Lifton $250.00
12th Sonya Harrison $250.00
13th Joshua Anderson $200.00
14th Ron Ballard $200.00
15th Joe Harrold $200.00
16th Bob Griffin $200.00


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