5:41 pm

Play Will Slow Down….

Blinds – 20000/40000 With the Final 10 players left, and only 8 getting seats into the Finals, we suspect play to slow down until then. Short stacks will look for a double-up, while the bigger stacks will wait it out and pick their time to pounce on the shorter stacks.  

3:46 pm

Thirty (30) Players Remain…

Blinds – 8000/16000 We just went up in blinds and we are now down to 30 players. Here is the payout structure: 1st $2,500.00 2nd $1,650.00 3rd $1,200.00 4th $800.00 5th $600.00 6th $500.00 7th $450.00 8th $400.00 9th $350.00 10th $250.00 11th $250.00 12th $250.00 13th $200.00 14th $200.00 15th $200.00 16th $200.00

8:17 pm

National Bar Poker Open Winner Basil Congro Wins the Eastern Poker Tour January $10K Monthly Championship

Charity player and current National Bar Poker Open winner Basil Congro won today’s Eastern Poker Tour Season 29 January $10,000 Monthly Championship. A total of 201 players came out to the VFW in Walpole. Basil only knocked out one player and that was Bob Young on the very last hand of the tournament when the […]