11:00 pm

Yongbok Hwang Wins the “Player’s Championship” of the Team Poker Challenge

On a chilly November day at the German Club in Walpole, MA. 67 teams (281 players)¬† came here today to play for two different prize pools totaling $21,060. After almost 11 hours of play, Younbok Hwang won the “Players” portion by winning $3400. He is a member of the “Stranger Kings” which his team also […]

8:48 pm

Updates – 10th thru 6th

Play has been pretty quick so here is what happened. Jen Baigorria finishes in 10th when her A/3 lost to Kevin O’Donnell’s A/4 when a four hits. Nancy Gilman was eliminated in 9th to John Newton. Her A/Q fell to A/9 In 8th place was John Newton was knocked out by Scott Berberian In 7th […]

6:51 pm

Down to 20 Players

Blinds – 20,000/40,000 We are almost down to our Final Table. Here is who has been eliminated: 21st Andrea Heda $140.00 22nd Andre Pereira $140.00 23rd John Lordan $140.00 24th Paul Tankard $140.00 25th Jim White $140.00 26th Ryan O Connor $140.00 27th Scott Brown $140.00

6:01 pm

Ed Haworth (Stranger Kings) knocks out 2 on the Bubble With A King On the River!

The last post incorrectly had 28 players. The actual number was 29, On the very last hand before break, there were 2 “all-ins” putting two shorter stacks at risk. When the dust settled, Ed Haworth had knocked out the 2 smaller stacks with a straight and with that, everyone left is guarantee at least $140